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Uplifting communities and organizations working toward an equitable Iowa

We specialize in empowering organizations and marginalized communities through education, research and advocacy.

Providing organizations with expertise, education, and empowerment

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What are the lived experiences of Iowans from marginalized communities?

Our research tells the story of Iowans from marginalized communities. Our findings help shape policy that supports all Iowans.

80% of participants identified documentation and lack of state-issued ID as an issue for the Latinx community. Fear of driving without a valid state license deters community members from driving their children to school, going to work, and caring for their families.


Iowa is one of only 3 states that imposes a lifetime ban on voting for people with felony convictions, meaning that 65,000 individuals and nearly 10% of Iowa's African-American population cannot vote.

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Homicide & Other Violent Crimes Specialist Training

“[This training was] eye opening... [the presenter was] passionate & thoughtful”

“What a welcoming safe environment! A true oasis for lightworkers, people who work hard to better the lives of others, to restore, reflect and learn. Thank you Norio and [Iowa Coalition] team for recognizing a dire need in our community and stepping up to fill it.”

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Iowa Coalition for Collective Change colorful triangle pattern

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Our Impact

We build more resilient, inclusive communities across Iowa by empowering organizations to center the experiences of marginalized survivors and support their journey toward healing.


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