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We specialize in empowering organizations and marginalized communities through education, research and advocacy.


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Once you start a trial with us (by clicking the start a trial button above), we recommend that you start by setting up a strategy session with our team. Online communities are hard work and we want to make sure that your hub is set-up for success! Our team will show you around your new uHub, all of the different features and help you understand how best to use it for your business. You can book that by clicking here. On the other hand, if you just want to jump straight in and start inviting your members, we recommend doing the following things. Click on the tray in the top right-hand corner to head into Hub Profile & Hub Settings. Click on Hub Settings to add your logo, update your community name and add any other hub info like a website or email address where your members can contact you. Then click on the tray in the top right-hand corner and click on Hub Settings. This is where you can brand your hub, decide what features you want to turn on and create your member types and tags. Member types enable you to share specific content with different types of people, and pretty soon, charge subscriptions to different member plans. You should also set up your tags. Tags allow your members to choose what type of things they want to hear or be notified about. If you are not sure what tags to use, add something like 'updates' or 'events'. Once you have done this, we recommend you add some content. This would include your welcome post so that members see something in your newsfeed when they join to media in your various libraries. In Ugenie, we have three different content areas where you can upload a variety of files, photos and videos for your members. You can also create folders (and sub-folders) to keep this all organised! Note, if you don't know what to add to your resources, videos or documents, you can also just turn this off in the Hub Settings under features and add content later. After you have added a bit of content, invite your team or members. You can invite members to your uHub in two ways: email or weblink. Email If you have your member email addresses, the best way to invite them is through our 'Invite' feature in the Members area. When in your admin portal, on the left-hand side, you will see a navigation list. Click on Members. You will then see your Member Management area where you can click on 'Add Member'. Here you will be able to assign your member their member type, add them to groups (if you have creted those) and customise your member invite email. We encourage you to save this template so that your personalised message goes out in all your email invites. These email invites will also include all the important links that your members need to access your uhub on either web or mobile app. Even if you have a closed community (where all members need to be approved), by sending an email invite, your member will be pre-approved when he or she registers. Web link The other way to invite your members to your uHub is via a customised web link which is specific to your uHub. This link can be found in your Hub Profile Section. Note: this link only works for registration on our web platform. For easy registration on the mobile app, use the email invite option. That's it! Those are the steps we recommend to kick-off your uHub! That being said, we understand that sometimes a new platform can be overwhelming. So if you need more support, please remember you can always book a strategy session with us by clicking here, join our community where we have added lots of tips and tricks for you or check out our blog section and our guides on how to navigate your uHub. Good luck!

How does Ugenie compare to social media platforms?

Ugenie is a professional membership and community tool that takes elements of a Facebook group, adds membership management features and wraps it into a mobile and web hub tailored for your organisation. What does this really mean? Well, you get the benefits of a social media inspired hub, meaning so your members easily adapt to it, but without all the noise and messy algorthyms. Further you have a host of additional ways to customise your uhub and full ownership of your data! Here's a quick snapshot our our platform on the web and our new uHub app! Ultimately, with a uHub, you can bring your community + content + course (coming soon) all in one super affordable place. And, you also get our support! Rather than emailing or messaging a big giant to figure out what you did wrong or why your group has been shut down, you can reach out to us and speak to a member of our team with any challenges or questions. This starts with our strategy sessions where we help you both understand our platform and how you can use it best for your business. You can book one of those sessions here. For the full comparison between Ugenie and other social media platforms, check out our blog on how Ugenie compares to a social media group on WhatsApp, Slack or Facebook by clicking here.

Does Ugenie have a mobile app?

Yes, your uHub would be available to your members on the web and via our iOS and Android Apps. We can serve your members wherever they want to engage with you and your content.

What new features are coming to uHubs?

It's such an exciting time here at Ugenie headquarters! We are currently working on adding the following to Ugenie: * Member Plans - your ability to create different levels of memberships and charge subscriptions! * Live video & audio streaming * Courses (yup, native courses within your uHub!) Later this year, we will be adding: * Group Chat * Event Management * Surveys * CRM Integration * Google Drive Integration Then, that's a wrap! For us, we are focused on building you all the key things you need to run a successfull membership or online community right into Ugenie. But we don't think that means 1000s of integrations to other platforms and tools. Most of our community leaders do not want to worry about learning how to integrate into other systems. They want to have one simple place to do it all. And that's what we are building.

Organizational Development

We support organizations big and small that are doing innovative work in their communities. We can support all areas of growth and want to help organizations thrive. Learn More

Advocacy Training

We are designated to certify culturally specific advocates and homicide and other violent crimes advocates. Become a certified advocate by learning advocacy skills, tools for wellness and more. Learn More

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Participatory Action Research

Reseach that makes you the expert. We are all experts on our experiences. The people living their situation are also the best people to find the solution. We train on how to do this in your community and can conduct research on your behalf. Learn More

Professional Development

Grow both personally and professionally from our trainings on current issues, organizing, healing and wellness and more. Learn More

Advocacy Training

We are designated to certify culturally specific advocates and homicide and other violent crimes advocates. Become a certified advocate by learning advocacy skills, tools for wellness and more. Learn More

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What are the lived experiences of Iowans from marginalized communities?

Our research tells the story of Iowans from marginalized communities. Our findings help shape policy that supports all Iowans.

80% of participants identified documentation and lack of state-issued ID as an issue for the Latinx community. Fear of driving without a valid state license deters community members from driving their children to school, going to work, and caring for their families.


Iowa is one of only 3 states that imposes a lifetime ban on voting for people with felony convictions, meaning that 65,000 individuals and nearly 10% of Iowa's African-American population cannot vote.

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Homicide & Other Violent Crimes Specialist Training

“[This training was] eye opening... [the presenter was] passionate & thoughtful”

“What a welcoming safe environment! A true oasis for lightworkers, people who work hard to better the lives of others, to restore, reflect and learn. Thank you Norio and [Iowa Coalition] team for recognizing a dire need in our community and stepping up to fill it.”

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We build more resilient, inclusive communities across Iowa by empowering organizations to center the experiences of marginalized survivors and support their journey toward healing.


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