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ICCC statement on COVID-19​

To ​protect the health of those around us, ICCC staff is working 100% remotely at this time and can be best reached via e-mail. All meetings and trainings will be conducted remotely until further notice. We are working with member programs and other community partners to advocate for the wellbeing of survivors and communities who will be especially vulnerable to harm as the public health crisis continues. 


Thank you to our colleagues at the Office of Latino Affairs, who created and are allowing us to share a comprehensive Google folder full of community resources, organized by topic. ICCC, our member programs, and community partners will contribute to the folder as new resources and information become available. Click the button below to view the folder.

Coalition Conversations

We are facilitating conversations between our members and others in the community about emerging issues related to the COVID-19 crisis. Captioned recordings can be viewed on our YouTube channel and below:

Funerals & Memorials​


Serving Incarcerated Survivors


Survivors' Economic Rights​: Employment, Housing, and More

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