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University of Iowa Mobile Clinic

This program was started by ICCC's Summer of 2020 Intern, Louise Bequeaith. Through the violence of this season, we wanted to offer space for community members to process their stress, grief, and experiences. This partnership with the University of Iowa offers limited capacity, free, brief counseling.

The University of Iowa Telepsychology Training Clinic offers short-term counseling for Iowans who may not have access to mental health care without this resource.  The clinic is open to all Iowans, with a focus on rural communities, underinsured, and uninsured people. Clients meet with a counselor using a secure video conferencing program (internet or cellular service required) ​to address concerns like 

  • coping with experiences of depression and anxiety

  • processing grief and loss, navigating conflict and relationships

  •  finding support around experiences of discrimination​ and trauma

Short-term counseling means that most people meet with a counselor between 5-10 times to focus on specific concerns, rather than engaging in open-ended and on-going counseling.  Counselors can also help connect clients with a longer-term counselor in the community when desired and if short-term counseling may not be a good fit. The clinic is housed in the College of Education at the University of Iowa and is staffed by a combination of licensed psychologists and psychologists-in-training.  Counseling is provided free of charge.  Interpretation services are available through the UIowa Mobile Clinic. 


If you are interested, call or text the Mobile Clinic at (319) 535-2684 to speak with a care coordinator.  Or you can fill out a referral request form at and a Mobile Clinic care coordinator will contact you.  

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