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Anti-Oppressive Communication Workshop Resources

Thank you so much for attending and participating in our Anti-oppressive Communication Workshop! Below are the resources that we shared during the presentation and the presentation itself. If you have any questions or resources to share with other participants contact Olivia at


A pyramid that describes the covert white supremacy (which is socially acceptable) and overt white supremacy (which is socially unacceptable). Original image from Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Non-Violence, adapted by Ellen Tuzzolo

A graphic developed by The Center for Story-Based Strategy. Three panels each with three people of tall, medium and short heights behind a fence watching baseball. The first panel (Equality) has them all standing on boxes of the same size and only the tall and medium folks can see over the fence. The second (Equity) gives the medium and short person extra boxes so they can all see. The third (Liberation) removes the fence so that they can all see.

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